New Tai Chi Shop Launched

Saturday 11 March 2006 at 06:34 am Union Member Matthew Rochford has launched a new online shop which features some exclusive items and a varied range of tai chi items.

Books include Total Tai Chi (Matthew Rochford) and Relax Deep Mind (Patrick Kelly). There are also DVDs from Professor Li, Peter Warr, Matthew Rochford (Qi Gong) and Luke Shepherd (Cheng Man Ching 37 Form). There is even a Cheng Man Ching Form Poster, Tai Chi Music CDs and Feng Shui Audio CDs.

Check it out:


Gerda Geddes 2006

Monday 06 March 2006 at 8:15 pm Union Secretary Ronnie Robinson Writes:

The first person who ever studied and taught Tai Chi in the UK passed away on Saturday night, 4th March 2006.

Gerda began training in Shanghai in 1949 at a time when very few women of any nationality was able to study the art. For nearly 60 years Tai Chi played an integral part in her life and she remained actively interested and open in her heart and mind right to the end.

I first met Gerda about four years ago when, much to my surprise she undertook a round trip of over 150 miles to attend a workshop I was running. Initially I was curious to her reasons for attending but any concerns were quickly displaced when she discretely moved to the back of the class and carried on the work with her fellow students.

Over lunch we had a very pleasant chat and I decided that this fascinating woman would be more than worthy of interviewing. At a later date, when visiting my family in Aberdeen, I arranged to call on Gerda to conduct the interview. As I had my family with me on the trip we arrived en masse to her little cottage in the Grampians. Gerda was extremely hospitable and welcoming and made my partner and children relaxed and comfortable before we adjourned to another room.

The interview subsequently appeared in the UK Tai Chi Chuan & Internal Arts, The Taijiquan & Qigong Journal (Germany) and my own Scottish Alternative Health magazine, Connections.

I was pleased when a number of people contacted me to say they enjoyed the interview and highly delighted when Gerda first telephoned and she wrote a letter expressing her thanks for the piece. Since these early meetings we have had contact from time to time and I was pleased when she visited us twice at Tai Chi Caledonia. Whenever she spoke she was clear, lucid and inspiring for all. Above all Gerda had one quality in abundance that sadly is becoming rare these days dignity.

We last met late 2005 when I was working in the Aberdeen area and she came to join me for lunch at a local eatery. Her company was, as ever, both interesting and charming and a pleasure to be close to. On the short walk back to workshop venue she took my arm and told me that her time was coming soon and that was okay as she was prepared for it. Im sure she was.

In an art where often respect is asked I have found very few individuals who deserve the honour and respect that Gerda did. She was a classy lady in the true sense of the term and her early steps in the world of tai chi will continue to walk through the feet of many.

I intend to run a feature of Gerda in future publications and welcome comments, experiences from anyone who worked with this Grande Dame of Taijiquan.



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